Electric car rental

NoleggioElettrico is Italy's largest network for short-term and long-term electric car rentals.

NoleggioElettrico is an innovative startup based on the pillars of sustainability.

Environmental sustainability: as the electric car produces less pollution, less noise, and by being careful where you recharge it is also more environmentally friendly.
Social sustainability: NoleggioElettrico takes the concept of sharing to another level, where car owners can share their cars when they are not using them, save on costs, and allow other people to rent at low cost.
Economic sustainability: Carsharing makes it possible to reduce costs to zero.
Corporate sustainability: NoleggioElettrico creates synergies between companies that share the same values, principles, ethics and professionalism.

NoleggioElettrico offers services of Short Term Rental, Long Term Rental and Rentable, Magic Experiences, Incentive Events.

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